diabetes & depression

Depression & Diabetes

– Sick Kids: What is Depression?

Depression & Diabetes

– National Institute of Mental Health: Depression & Diabetes

Depression & Diabetes

– The Prevalence of Comorbid Depression in Adults with Diabetes

Depression & Diabetes

– Depressive Symptoms and Glycemic Control in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

Depression & Diabetes

– Diabetes, Depression & Quality of Life  (A Population Study)

Depression & Diabetes

– Anxiety & Depression in Juvenile Diabetes (A Critical Review)

diabetes & yoga 

Joslin: Diabetes & Yoga

The Art of Living: Yoga for Diabetes Patients 

diabetes & alcohol 

Canadian Diabetes Association: Alcohol & Diabetes 

American Diabetes Association: Alcohol 

Ontario Government Health: Diabetes & Alcohol Fact Sheet 

Healthline: D-Teens and Alcohol – No Bull from Uncle Will 

American Diabetes Association: Teens & Parties 


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