T1empowerment was founded July 2nd 2014 by Kayla Brown.  Kayla, a type 1 diabetic herself, wanted to provide a safe place for teen girls living with type 1 diabetes to express their frustrations, successes and struggles. Kayla also wanted to provide an opportunity for girls with type 1 to build everlasting friendships with those that understood and could support them.

Kayla, diagnosed March 2009, has always been positive about her diagnosis.  She began blogging, via Kayla’s Life Notes shortly after diagnosis and then became more involved with the diabetes community through volunteering with local diabetes not-for-profits.  Now, with Mount Kilimanjaro under her belt as well as the experience of representing Canada at the World Congress in Australia in 2013, Kayla wants to give back.

The group is slowly growing with teen girls ranging from age 13-18 years of age.  The feedback from the teens has been incredibly positive and the topics that have been covered are endless.  The group is based around the idea of positivity, as each teen gets to take home a quote from the quote box after each session.

Without a doubt t1empowerment is an amazing way to feel confident about managing type 1 diabetes while having fun.


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