T-Shirts, Clips and Pumps: Fashion & Diabetes

You wouldn’t think that the words diabetes and fashion would belong together, however, for those living with type 1 diabetes, often what we wear can conflict or agree with our diabetes management.  To wanting to hide an insulin pump or wear something that makes giving tummy injections easy, we spoke to Sabra (18) who gives us an inside look on fashion and diabetes.

image from Tally Gear
image from Tally Gear

Do you feel like what you wear is determined by your diabetes?

Maybe, somewhat, I wear an insulin pump, and I often times just stick it in my bra. That usually works out pretty well. But, I do have to wear a little thing over my bra to make sure the pump actually stays in place. So whatever I wear does have to cover that. It’s not too bad though, I’m a pretty modest person naturally anyway.

What choices in clothing do you make?

When I was younger, and had first started pumping, I ALWAYS kept my pump in my bra, even if I had pockets. Now that I’m older, I often times wear it in my pockets as well. But I don’t limit myself to things with pockets. Though, as I mentioned above, I wear a little thing OVER my bra to help keep everything in place. I use the Bali Comfort Revolution Bra. 

Do you wear anything that holds your diabetes supplies that is made especially for diabetes?

No, and I never have.

Do you own any apparel that is diabetes related? Yes!  Though currently it’s just 2 shirts…wait, 3. One if from a local support group, another was a fundraiser thing for Project Blood Sugar Fairy (GREAT Organization!) and then the 3rd is from the Type 1 Diabetes Memes store. They have AMAZING stuff!

Do you have any trips or tricks to share with other teen girls in regards to fashion and diabetes?

I’ve never been one to flaunt my pump or other diabetes supplies, but I really respect those who choose to do it.  It’s definitely makes it easier for me to tell when I’m around another diabetic! But, I say don’t let diabetes define the way you dress. Dress in whatever way makes YOU feel beautiful!


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