School Trips: A Teen’s Take on School Trips

School trips are apart of the elementary and high-school experience. A chance to get out of your desk and into the world. However, for a person living with diabetes, going on a class trip can require extra precautions.  We spoke to Shelby (16) about her experiences with school trips and living with type 1 diabschool-busetes.
Have you attended school trips in high school? 
“As an FFA member, I attend competitions and conventions.”
What extra steps do you have to take in order to attend class trips versus other classmates?
“To attend, I’m required to take my meter, insulin and needles, and glucagon along with snacks and treatment for low blood sugars such as candy. I also have to count carbs for everything I eat and commonly miss out on snacking like everyone else does. “
Do you feel like you are ever centred out during class trips because of your diabetes? 
“Sometimes I’m centred out at events by other students from different schools. They want to know what I’m doing and why I carry all this stuff with me. I’m also always to have someone from my school with me in case of emergency which makes me stand out a little.”
Do you have any fears when attending class trips?
“I have a few fears when I go on trips. I fear dropping low and not being able to treat it. I fear going unconscious over night and nobody realizing. I fear a lot but if there’s one thing I’ve learned its you cannot let those fears take over your life. Diabetes is a condition, not a life sentence to not go anywhere.”

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