Diabetic in the Middle: Fitting in With Diabetes

High-school isn’t easy.  When entering high-school you are mixed with new students from all over the city, and finding your clique doesn’t come together right away.  Having something such as diabetes, that can make a student ‘stick out’ making fitting in even more difficult.  We spoke to Shelby (16) who was diagnosed only a year ago.

Have you ever felt like you do not fit in?’

“I originally felt like I didn’t fit in as I was the only persopencilsn in my entire school with diabetes. I felt like because I had to do shots and test my blood sugar everyone thought of me differently. I voiced my concerns to a friend I have that also has T1 and she showed me that it’s not about caring what others think, it’s how you think about yourself.”

What advice do you have for other teen girls trying to fit in?

“I think that teen girls need to hear that advice about not caring what others think because sometimes it feels like pressure placed on us by the portraying of women in movies and magazines gets this idea in your head that you have to fit in like them.

Have you ever done something drastic in order to fit in?

“I’ve actually never done anything drastic. I grew up in a small town so when I arrived back at school after being hospitalized, my classmates immediately took on the role of being my helping hand or that extra push on hard days. Fitting in may be the more popular choice but if we were made to be the same, we wouldn’t be different people.”


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