Special Event: Mental Health Talk in the Park

Last evening we enjoyed the warm sun and listened to Heather Gomez share her story of struggle and hope.   Heather was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes during a time she was also battling mental illness.  Unfortunately, with the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, Heather found her mental illness deepened.

IMG_6310Heather’s story is a familiar story for many living with type 1 diabetes. While Heather admits she kept it secret for many of her friends, she said that if she were to change anything, she would have told more of her friends.  Heather stated that, “I didn’t realize that other people were feeling the same way I did.”  In and out of treatment for various aspects of mental health, Heather tells us that she is in a much better place with mind, body and heart.

During the session, Heather told us a poem, it was more of an active poem, as she read out the sentence and we filled in the blanks in our heads. Giving us a moment to realize something very important, what do we identify as? Do we identify as diabetics? or students? creative? or happy?   For anyone interested in trying the active ‘I am’ poem, visit:  I am Poem 

Discussion afterwards was an excellent way to learn more about how to cope with mental illness and/or diabetes.  For anyone interested in more information in regards to Depression & Diabetes visit our resource page.   Also, to read more about Heather’s journey, please visit her blog: Heather Grows 

Special thanks to Heather Gomez and all those that attended last nights community event.


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