Before Prom: The Preparations of Prom with Diabetes

Prom is the final dance for teens finishing high-school. A night of catered food, group photos, dancing and reminiscing about the past four years. In general, planning for prom can be a task, finding the perfect dress, matching heels, and  a date.  We spoke to Cayla (17) about how she is preparing for her prom.

What are you most looking forward to about your prom?

“I most look forward to dressing up, spending the night with my friends and having a date to do the date rituals with.”

When you picked a dress for prom did you take into consideration where you can put your pump? 

“When picking a dress I did not consider my pump at all. I don’t think that should affect your decision. I am most likely going to wear a leg band. When choosing a clutch I kind of took my supplies into consideration but mostly what I liked best and went with my dress because I can always wear my CGM if I do not want to carry my meter around.”

Do you have any worries about going to prom with diabetes? 

“The only worry is getting to my pump when I need to bolus as I will have to leave the dance to go to the bathroom. I am not concerned about carb counting as I consider myself an old pro who often checks in with the dietitian to make sure my skills are still on point.”

Have you read any blogs or resources about prom and diabetes or are you going to just experience it on your own?

“I have attended D-tour which has young women with T1D who have experienced prom and offered me different pointers based of their experiences and friends experiences.”

Do you have any advice for teens going to prom? 

“Make sure to be prepared. If you do not know how the evening is planned out ask a teacher who plans it, and older sibling/friend. This way you will know where and when you are eating and how all the excitement will affect you. Remember, having your diabetes taken care of ahead of time will help to make prom just as perfect as you dream it would be.”

We will follow up with Cayla after prom to see how it went and if she has any new found information to share with us!


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