From Pen to Pump: Starting Insulin Pump Therapy in High-School

There are different methods of administering insulin for those living with type 1 diabetes, some prefer syringes, others use pens and there are also insulin pumps. No method is worse nor better, they all provide different pros and cons and each person living with type 1 diabetes finds what works best for them.  We spoke to Melissa (17) about her recent switch from pen to pump while attending high-school.

What was it like going from pens to needles?

“I love my pump! Sometimes I wish that I could go back to pens because of the site being in the way, but overall I love not using pens.”pump

How long were you on pens? How long have you been on a pump? 

“I was on pens for 19 days short of a year. I have been on my pump since April 7 of this year (2015).” 
How did life change for you in regard to going to school with a pump versus pen?

“There is a lot of beeping that is involved with the pump that I didn’t have on the pens. But my friends and I like to go out for lunch and it is so much easier to walk and eat with a pump.”

How did your friends react when you went on the pump?

“My friends were awesome when I went on the pump. They accepted me and asked questions about it.”

Has the pump benefited you in high-school?

“The pump has helped me a lot because of being able to eat anywhere and take insulin so easily.”

Have you experienced any bully like scenarios because of your pump/diabetes?

“Not really. Some people will say that it must be hard or that they could never have diabetes but that’s just because they are ignorant towards diabetes.”

 Has anything embarrassing happened in regards to school and your pump? 

“I’ve had my pump beep during presentations which is loud. I’ve got my tubing caught on my binder and yelled. That’s about it.”

Overall, has pumping been a positive experience thus far?

“I love my pump so much! I can’t imagine ever going back to pens now. Sometimes it is hot and bulky but I just remember how life was with pens then I don’t complain anymore.”


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