Special Event: Yoga in the Park

Last night fifteen eager yogis set up  yoga mats on the cold grass and stretched their bodies and  minds. T1 Empowerment hosted their first yoga in the park at Springbank Park in London, ON. A community event to help spread awareness about T1 Empowerment as well as to give all a chance to clear their minds and relax after a hard days work.

With great attendance we were guided by Kendra, a nurse practitioner who knows diabetes all too well, with a four year old t1 daughter and a t1 husIMG_6146band as well.  Kendra started off with light stretching, but guided us right into some tough poses, that tested our strength and endurance.  We held planks while groaning, but it was all worth it in the end when we laid on our backs, eyes closed and relaxed our bodies from our feet to our heads.

The raffle was great, giving away a bright green yoga mat & bag to a lucky winner.  Our little helper E, waved around the yoga mat encouraging our participants to enter the draw.   We all enjoyed cold bottles of water and fresh apples and engaged in great conversation.

A special thanks to Kendra H., Medtronic Diabetes and Mike O.

For more information about yoga & diabetes, check out our resource page.


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